Sunday, 28 July 2013

Petr's EDC 'Spyderco Dragonfly G10'

Today I am going to show you couple of my EDC(every day carry).

EDC could be anything if you bring something everyday as like mobile,wallet&purse,keys,pen and small tool and knife. 
May be gun too if it is not illegal in your country.
What have you got guys in your pocket now??
That is your EDC.

Took by olympus pen f with 38mm f3.5 macro.
tri-x 400

This was my EDC knife 'Spyderco Dragonfly G10
Actually I had used dragonfly just for a few days.becasue it was not so good? No!!
I can surely say that it is great EDC knife! I really loved it. 
dragonfly g10 version is little bit expensive more than normal version Frn handle.
I wanted to make custom handle. 
That is why I needed g10 handle version.
Becasue it is possible to change handle to other like wood handle.
However it was too small even my hands too small woman size.
Also same time I found very fit with my hand which Benchmade 'Sequel 707'.

Anyway I took this photo before sell.I really want to make photography of this.
Look at dragonfly's beatiful shape.Look at the spyder's logo.
Just I found better for me other EDC knife.

So what i want to say that if you are worry about to buy your EDC knife liveing a day and if you interested in about spyderco knife just take 'dragonfly'.

It is really good for open box ,cut paper, cut small things... however if you want something more expect ..well it is bit small.
Let we see bit more detail

I made small monkey fist for lanyard by some damaged lather at home XD.

Actually It failed but quite fit with dragonfly. So I did not make new one again ,also it was my last lether.... -_-a;;

Made by Japanese steal VG-10 
It is quite good steal also easy to shapern.
  Love this clip even looks not cool but easy to carry and hang your pocket and belt.

Especially i like back of the spyderco dragonfly.
nice and clean looks gentle.
Normal version Frn handle is look different also impossible to disassemble.
However if you want to make custom handle for you , you must buy G10 version.
It is possible to assemble and can change other handle wood or stag.
i saw custom handle , it is so cool.

Actually i am not a collector. I use EDC when i need hardly.
 So I gave up to make custom handle and sold it to whom want to make custom and collect.

 I really enjoyed with spyderco dragonfly even though few days.
But i am sure it is one of the best EDC which most people agree who knows spyderco products and I strongly recommand you. if you find small EDC knife.

Thanks for reading.
BY Petr

**Anyway I am not a man who working at the spyderco company.(^__^)a;;**